1. I’m all for a whole Adventure Time episode drawn like this.

    See also: this one.


    “Very impressive, Grob”

    Grob’s projector drawings from “Sons of Mars.”

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  2. Kids drawings with high production value= an awesome combination. This concept also works well in toy form, as seen here.


    Scholastic recently issued a challenge — could a first-grader write a complete story?

    Six-year-old Scotty put pen to paper, and his outstanding entry, The Knight’s Quest, (Nit’s Qast), was animated into this short cartoon — complete with the young author’s original spelling.



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  3. A great drawing game for kids, or, a useful character design brainstorming method.


    A fun drawing game for kids by way of Carl the Talking Piece of Cardboard. Thanks, Carl.

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