1. Now up— I am interviewed in HTML Giant! It was great to revisit some very old minicomics and talk animation, experimental things, and crawl spaces with AD Jameson.

    Take a read!

    Thanks to Adam for the fun conversation.

  2. Yes! I have taught using these, and have some free templates/minicomics here.

    It would be great to see many more cartoonists making their art available in this form!





    Got some spare time? Make a comic!

    Download the sample printable comic right here!

    Reasons for doing this?

    1: My followers can finally have a printed comic by me.

    2: It seemed like a fun activity to do, specially with young kids.

    3: It might be cool if interweb folks shared tiny little mini comics with each other. And a whole bunch of people can print each other’s comics and maybe we could collect ones by other artists. So… ya know. Why not?

    ahhh cute


    This is adorable and awesome. Follow the directions and make a comic!

    (via spx)

  3. I will be at the Small Press Expo this weekend, selling Laughables, advent calendars, and promoting my webcomic The Bug Zapper! The Bug Zapper is a webcomic for kids featuring a superhero with the power of zapping insects (and insect-themed villains). I developed him as an example superhero for kids cartooning classes I’ve taught.

    Tell any kids you know!